Detox diets Review, What Works?

Found this detox diets review from the Advocate. Gives a detox diets review of some of the diets out there. The article brought some interesting thoughts to mind.

Remember in the the not to distant past when detox was for people with some serious habit issues. Normally associated and Reserved for those people who had to go and spend some time in 'rehab' and cold turkey there way to freedom.

Violent shaking, frothing at the mouth and being tied down with straps was the method of cure. If you went to rehab you really had a problem.

Remember also the days when someone was a little to plump around the hips and navel. Their clothing giving a reassuring squeeze that things were getting a little out of hand.

They would just plain old commit to going on a diet and tell it like it is. Commit to a diet programme that makes them consume pills, powders and starve themselves to death all in the name of looking good. Going on diet was a sure sign of over indulgence and selfishness.

However, the mental anguish and guilt associated with these seasons of physical and mental torture left the dieter feeling worse than they did before. Something needed to be done! Can't have people going on a diet and feeling bad about themselves.

Enter the detox diet!

Now you can loose weight and feel good knowing that you have cleansed your body of harmful toxins and anti-oxidants. If you're gonna loose weight do it while you give yourself an engine flush. People will think you're so smart. Besides anyone whose anyone in Hollywood has had a season or two of detox.

Anyway, back to the article.

They site a

"diet expert Michelle Conkey, who has a bachelor's in dietetics and exercise science from Iowa State University."

as there 'expert' in this review. At least there getting someone with a bit of paper behind her. Overall I found the comments a bit shallow. Maybe due to the nature of the article going to deep into the pros and cons could lead to a thesis.

The Four detox diets that they focus on is the Master Cleanse, Marthas Vineyard, Fruit Flush and the Joshi Holistic Detox. She gives a brief breakdown of what the detox diets require and some celebrities who adhere to the regime. I mean. If it works for them it should work for you!

I liked this detox diets review as they do get to the heart of the issue when it comes to detox and diet...

it's one of those diets you don't want to do long term."
Normally its the things that you loose that cause the problem with these diets.

As with most things in life you can kill yourself curing things that can be avoided by eating well balanced diets and getting proper exercise.

I will do more research into the other detox diets mentioned and may post some more info on them.

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