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You Need To Pass a Drug Test - But How?

The majority of the time a drug detox test is the only way to discern whether someone is addicted to or uses drugs. Sometimes behind the smiley eyes lies a lifestyle that compromises a person's future. Other times drug use is so obvious that it cascades into their physical appearance.

Consider the following scenarios:

Your palms are sweaty, your heart is pounding so hard you can barely think. Your mouth is dry. You’ve worked for years getting yourself into this position. Its a six figure salary with benefits. Your mom would be so proud. That loft apartment seems so real you can taste it!

“You're perfect for the job,” says the interviewer, “oh and just one thing Mr Jones, we need you to do a drug test this coming Friday.” What? Why? That party last Saturday where you did a candy flip and came floating down with a bong filled with the best Jamaican, suddenly seems like the worst thing you could have ever done. That sinking feeling in your stomach is so strong you think you may just fall through the chair.

For many aspiring professionals this scenario plays itself out in corporate interviews. The recreational use of illicit drugs has been a part of society for years. The only difference is that now, what employees do outside of work hours can end up being just as important to their career path, as their actual work.

For others the problem is even darker and for loved ones involved it is absolute trauma.

Things start disappearing out the house and that ring that Gran gave you has gone. Your daughter is acting a little strange but you know girls will be girls. You have taken her to the Doctor on a number of occasions for insomnia and other related ailments but things just aren’t getting better. “Is she on Drugs?” The thought almost tears your heart in two.

There can be few things that are as painful as seeing someone you care about be consumed by a drug addiction. A drug detox test becomes even more essential to fight the battle with addiction.

Drugs affect different people in different ways. Factors such as weight, lifestyle, health, and the length of the time the drug has been used will determine how large the drug ‘signature’ is. Finding out how big that signature is will be helpful in determining the extent of the use of drugs.

What is involved in a Drug Detox Test?

Normally a drug test involves getting samples from one or more of the saliva, hair, urine and blood. The saliva and blood are indicators of short term use, whilst hair follicle testing is an indicator of continued use over months.

Fortunately, these tests are readily available at your local drugstore or via the Internet. Whilst they are easy to use, the effectiveness of the drug test is dependant on the quality of product bought. Most of the the drug detox test kits that are bought online come with comprehensive details on how to get the best result.

The question that you need to ask yourself is how much is a successful drug detox test worth to you. In other words how accurate do you want the results to be.

If you think that you may need a drug detox because you breathed ‘second hand’ have no fear. The traces in your system are negligable and there is no reason for concern.

A more effective and reliable option, (although a more costly one), is to head to a drug detox rehab. The advantage is that there are trained professionals administering the drug tests and the results of the drug detox test are more reliable.

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