My Fat Loss Journal

Week 1

The intense heat today seemed to make everyone lack energy. I was busting to go this morning. Legs day at the gym is always a killer but I enjoy the burn - thank goodness for the aircon. It makes a huge difference. Then you step outside and melt all the way home of course.

Epic day for me. I decided to give up another spoon of sugar in my morning cup of coffee. I am kind of, sort of, maybe, getting used to the taste of stevia. I can't guarantee anything but maybe if I keep the rusk I'll cope without the sugar.

Its difficult to appreciate my efforts when I don’t see the daily rewards. The scale doesn’t suddenly drop 2 pounds. I don’t suddenly have definition where there once was flubber. In fact hardly anyone has noticed a difference. Just when I was feeling a little discouraged about my progress today and would possibly have sought some solace in a Lindt dark chocolate bar, I caught sight of a little ripple running down the side of my arm. Nothing to stop traffic but a definite start of defining line between a bicep and a tricep.

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