what causes yeast infections? The answer is quite simple!

To find out what causes yeast infections is not easy! If you always seem to be plagued by persistent, and what you feel are, recurring yeast infections. Then this is the place to be. Because, if you can figure out what the likely causes are then you can make an attempt to prevent them instead of dealing with the symptoms every time. A yeast infection can cause you much discomfort and make someone else very rich. Quite simply, the primary cause of yeast infections is a fungus called Candida albicans.

It is more a question of what are the conditions that cause the yeast infection? Also, if you are prone to yeast infections, understanding what causes yeast infections may lead you to make the necessary adjustments early to avoid the the condition becoming acute.

The body that you are in at the moment is the result of the lifestyle that you have been living up to this point. Thus to put your finger on one cause is really like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hence, most generic cures come and burn down the whole hay stack to find the needle. I will attempt to highlight some possible causes as to how this fungus came to have such a prominent role in your healthstyle, but to place any weight upon one particular thing maybe lead you on a proverbial witch hunt trying to find a cause.

The truth is that the body which is in balance physically and emotionally is a very formidable foe for any disease or parasite. Including Candida! Everything within the body is geared towards eliminating the toxins and absorbing the the necessary nutrients for healthy living. If these are somehow compromised ill health may result and a Candida yeast infection may be the result.

There are many areas to look for when looking for a cause. The majority of yeast infections however can be traced to one of these key areas.

The prolonged use of antibiotics: Antibiotics as a general rule are designed to go out and kill any bacteria in the body. Antibiotics are indescriminant killers of good and bad flora in the body which can lead to Candida mold not finding any natural enemies to keep it in check

Sugar levels in the body.Women who are diabetic may be more susceptible to yeast infections. Abnormal blood and/or urine sugar levels encourage Candida organisms to multiply.

Hormonal conditions.Hormonal fluctuations occurring due to pregnancy, oral contraceptives, or even the menstrual cycle can upset the vaginal environment and provide conditions favorable for the over- growth of Candida organisms. This is related to a change primarily of ph in the vagina, which under normal conditions keep Candida controlled.

Other factors.Stress, fatigue, I think that these are pretty self-explanatory. The wearing of tight and/or damp clothing are conditions favorable for the development of a vaginal yeast infection. leather underwear? a definite no-no! except maybe for short times of course.

Ever stepped into damp, dark, warm room? The fungus spores in the room are almost so saturated in the air that taking any breath feels like an effort.I think the word musty comes to mind!

to find out what really causes a yeast infection in your life. I think a systematic day by day running through of what you routine it is will show you where you could look to try and come up with solutions for your problem.
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