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"Why detox your life and why should I worry about a detoxification program or colon cleansing products or a liver cleanse?" - I hear this question fairly often...The truth is that although a healthy lifestyle is simple, it certainly isn't easy. By simple, I mean you make healthy food choices in moderate portion sizes, exercise regularly, rest and repeat. 

Simple huh? If it was easy, there wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar  weight-loss industry.

Detox your life begins with lifestyle changes to avoid exposure to external toxins, i.e. drinking pure water, eating organic food where possible, avoiding sources of air pollution and exposure to tobacco, and limiting consumption of alcohol, preservatives, caffeine, sugar and refined foods.

I have never found detox to be easy, even simple programs like cleaning up my workstation are a challenge. But the rewards and benefits are enormous.

Get Back In Balance

A thorough cleanse can help you take control of your health, life and inner balance. You will think more clearly and from a health point of view reap the rewards of a more youthful existence. Having balance in your life is important for being content and living a fuller life.

By simple definition, to "Detox" is to eliminate, get rid of or cleanse from toxins.Many areas of our life could benefit from a cleansing and purifying because our lives are full of pollutants and toxins. They come in many forms and disguises. Even the air we breathe contains toxins.

It's a frightening thought, your body absorbs everything you drink, eat, and breathe. Therefore every cup of coffee, every breath of air, polluted or otherwise is pulled into your body and processed by your liver.

The most common culprits are toxins from alcohol, cigarette smoke, medicinal and recreational drugs, caffeine, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, pollution, pesticides, and preservatives in our food.

Our bodies have a built-in detoxification and cleansing system, a natural function of eliminating toxins through certain organs,the kidney, liver, intestines, lymph and blood. For many of us though our bodies are battling to eliminate the toxins as fast as we ingest them.

Our bodies become congested with toxic substances either through a short term over-exposure, bad lifestyle, diet, excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

Steps To Love Your Life

 Detoxification refers to programs or steps taken to cleanse and purify. Of course we immediately think of the body, diets, colon cleanse and liver.Maybe alcohol and drug detox too. But if you think about it, every aspect of your life could benefit from getting rid or toxins. How about your primary relationships like with your partner,your children, your parents. Ever think about trying to detox your attitude? Do you have an "acid tongue" lashing out at the world and attracting back more negativity to your life?

This site was inspired by my desire to live a fuller and more healthy life, not just in my physical body functions but my whole life including my relationships, my attitude and my spirit. It was also inspired by my quest to find natural and alternative cures for everyday ailments and of course how to detox. So yes it does include healthy detoxing diet reviews and information but also substance abuse information and ideas for better living in general.

Did you know that you have a natural detox and medicinal treasure box sitting on your spice rack? I'll fill you in on how Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper and Ginger can effectively add healthy years to your life.

Some of you may have become used to feeling sluggish and tired, bloated and gassy after meals. I used to blame it on bad digestion, eating too much or food intolerance. Many of these symptoms and others such as headaches, fog-brain, yeast infections and eczema actually your body indicating that it's not removing waste and toxins efficiently.

An effective detox program can rejuvenate your diet and your life, for a healthier body,mind and home. Do you know what being healthy feels like? Or are you just surviving with loads of toxins clogging up your life and ruining your health. I invite you to take a look around this site and think about the different detox options available. Some are easy to implement yourself at home, but others will require a more brutal approach. It depends on where you are at in your life. Whatever you decide, be honest with yourself and make the most of the rest of your life.

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