Caffeine Levels

How Much Caffeine Is In A Cup Of Coffee?

It's useful to know what the caffeine levels are in certain beverages. You'd be suprised how much caffeine you are drinking.

Diner coffee8.3 fluid oz. / 237 ml350 mg
Gourmet coffee8.3 fluid oz. / 237 ml175 mg
Brewed coffee5.2 fluid oz. / 148 ml105 to 115 mg
Espressosingle100 mg
Cappuccinosingle100 mg
Instant coffee6.3 fluid oz. / 177 ml57 mg
Decaffeinated coffee5.2 fluid oz. / 148 ml5 mg
Brewed tea6.3 fluid oz. / 177 ml20 to 110 mg
Iced tea12.5 fluid oz. / 355 ml70 mg
Instant tea7.3 fluid oz. / 207 ml30 mg
Cola1 x can / 330 ml30 to 56 mg
Diet cola1 x can / 330 ml38 to 45 mg
Sprite and 7-Up1 x can / 330 ml0 mg
Chocolate2 oz. / 57g10 to 50 mg
Cocoa5 oz. cup / 142 g4 mg

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