Raw Food Diet

Should You Join The Raw Food Diet Revolution?

A Raw Food Diet is a way of eating that includes health-promoting foods in their pure and natural form. To really benefit from a raw food diet your food intake should involve eating between half and three quarters of your food raw and simply prepared.

raw food diet

" Make It Fresh and Raw To Restore Energy, Health & Vitality. Boost Your Immunity & Protect Your Body Against Disease"

Raw foodists typically believe that the greater the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits. They also claim that raw food can prevent and cure some sickness and many chronic diseases. This kind of diet emphasises eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wholegrain cereals, sprouts, nuts, seeds and legumes.

A raw food diet is said to make you feel fantastic and restore youthfulness. It may also help to protect against degenerative diseases such as arthritis and heart disease.

Some raw foodists believe cooked food is toxic because cooking the food converts certain particles into harmful chemicals. It's also thought that cooked food is less digestible than raw food because cooking destroys the enzymes contained in food. These enzymes are said to help support the body's own enzyme system and so improve digestion.

The vitamins and minerals that are vital for good health are highest in fresh, untreated food (organic is best). Fresh fruit and vegetables also contain a wealth of phyto-nutrients which are powerful antioxidants and enhance the body's immune system.

Easy Steps To Include Raw Food In Your Diet

Increasing raw food in your diet can be made easy. Start gradually so you don't have to radically disrupt your eating habits.

  • Have a bowl of fresh fruit salad for dessert or with breakfast.
  • Make a plate of crudites (cut raw veggies) for snack time.
  • Day by day add a little more uncooked food to your daily intake and soon you'll be eating 50% of your food raw.
  • Make one of your meals in a day a large bowl of fresh salad. Watercress is a salad superfood and should be added to salad for its peppery flavour and health benefits.
  • Experiment with endless combinations of chopped vegetables and try adding fruit.
  • Sprinkling nuts, seeds and sprouts into a salad will make the salad more satisfying. Pine Nut Oil acts as a natural appetite suppressant
  • Sip freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices instead of your morning coffee or tea. It's an excellent way to boost your raw food intake and boosts your energy more effectively than caffeine. Add a bit of grated ginger for extra zing.
  • Obviously your choice of beverage in a Raw Food Diet would be water. The benefits of drinking pure water are outlined in this article.

The benefits of eating Organic Fruit and Vegetables
Lots of research is going into this preferred farming method.

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