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Make a Fresh Start With a
Three Day Detox Plan

A 3 day detox diet may seem short but it’s actually a wonderful way to provide your body with a kick-start to better health. My favorite part is that it’s simple and short enough to be achievable.

Some additional benefits or side effects of the 3 day detox diet are increased energy and helping your body to lose weight more efficiently. Cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods may also decease and your skin and hair will look healthier.

Most 3 day cleansing diets are similar and focus on water, fruit and vegetables with a small amount of whole grain cereals and lean protein. The whole point being that if you follow a diet that is as clean and pure as possible then your body will have enough energy and nutrients to start repairing and healing damage from toxins that are stored away in your fat deposits.

While it may be simple to just eat fruit and vegetables for 3 days, it isn’t easy. If you’ve never done a body detox before then you can expect a bit of rebellion from yourself and a few typical detoxification symptoms. You’ll have to fight the craving for normal food. Find things to distract yourself such as going for a walk or even have a massage.

A word of advice: - when you are done with the detox diet, don’t go out and eat the biggest, greasiest burger because you’ll feel violently ill. Take it easy with returning to your normal daily foods. In fact some health practitioners suggest that you start eating your ‘normal’ food in moderation at first.

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Helpful Detox Diet Tips

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Water Therapy - Soak your body in an epsom salts bath. Be careful when climbing out the bath do so slowly and use something (towel rail) for support if necessary. Afterwards have a cool shower to refresh and revive you.

Detox massage - a detox massage is highly beneficial while on a detox diet plan of any length. A detox massage will stimulate the immune system and enhance lymphatic drainage. Blood circulation is improved and waste products can be released through the skin.

Your massage therapist will use essential oils targeted to encourage cleansing the body or may use aroma-therapeutic massage oil complex. This really helps with the headaches you might experience on the first day of your home detox.

Get plenty of sleep and avoid stressful situations if possible. Take some time to look after yourself and revive your mind, body and spirit.

Probiotics - part of an effective natural detox or cleanse is to replenish the good bacteria in the digestive system. Find a good probiotic to take during your detox.

If you are going to use herbal detox capsules then read the directions carefully and be sure to take them at the recommended time before or after meals.

Dry brushing the skin is an amazing natural detox method for the skin ans stimulates the lymphatic system to work more efficiently.

If you suffer from arthritis or ulcers then include a lot of carrots juice, celery juice and barley sprout juice but reduce or avoid acid juices such as citrus and pineapple.

If you have a sensitive digestive system then a digestive enzyme supplement may benefit you.

It’s surely obvious but I’ll state it anyway that on the 3 day detox diet plan you should not drink coffee, teas, soda’s or eat junk food or any processed food, sweets etc.

As far as possible only eat organic fresh fruit and vegetables and preferably in their raw state.

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