Liver Cleanse

Why Would A Liver Detox Be Beneficial To Your Health?

Why is a regular liver cleanse or detox so vital? Well because the liver is our body's natural cleansing organ. It performs an amazing filtration function by helping cleanse environmental toxins from our body. Healing the immune system and digestion are just some of it's hundreds of daily tasks.

It is associated with many other bodily functions, including colon function, health of the nerves, muscles, tendons, joints, blood circulation, body energy, blood sugar levels, and heart health.

That said, be honest often do you think about our liver? Maybe if you over-indulge at a party? Unlike your groaning stomach, gassy colon or pounding heart, your liver rarely complains. It gets on with it's functions even with quite a bit of damage.

Keeping Your Filters Clean

The task of removing toxins from our body means that good liver health and efficiency is vital to our health. If your liver is not able to remove all of the harmful substances from the bloodstream, like any filter, the liver will become over-loaded and blocked with accumulated toxic waste products and the toxins build up in your tissues.

An accumulation of toxins can cause plenty of problems such as high cholesterol (due to extra fats), digestive problems including constipation and bloating, allergies, depression and disruption of sugar levels within the bloodstream. Other symptoms of poor liver health also include chronic fatigue and pain.

A Liver Cleanse diet is an important treatment to remove these accumulated toxins. Imagine not cleaning the filters in your kitchen sink, lawn mower, pool-pump or car engine. It would certainly lessen the life span of the machine. The liver is not much different.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the best things you can do to keep your liver filter function in good condition. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that help support liver health. Eating lean like beans can also help reduce strain on the organ. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from your body and maintain hydration levels, which are essential for the liver to work at an optimal level. In addition, limiting or avoiding processed foods and refined sugars can help reduce fatty build up on the organ. All these tips combined will help ensure that your liver stays healthy so it can continue to filter out toxins from your body

There are also certain foods that detox the body, supplements and liver tonics you can use to supplement your diet as an effective way to liver cleanse.

Understanding the Superpowers Of Your Liver

  1. The liver is the largest solid organ in the human body, weighing approximately 3 lbs and measuring about 8 inches long.
  2. It is responsible for over 500 functions, including processing nutrients, producing bile for digestion, filtering toxins from the blood and storing vitamins and minerals.
  3. The liver has an incredible ability to regenerate itself; it can grow back even if up to 75% of the tissue has been destroyed or removed.
  4. Liver cells are capable of producing albumin, a protein that helps keep fluid in the bloodstream instead of leaking out into tissues.
  5. The liver is one of the few organs that can produce its own energy, using fatty acids and glucose from food sources as fuel.

Actually it's the healthy diet we know we should be following anyway that is going to help you achieve good liver health: eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, drink filtered water and avoid junk and fatty foods.

Some people who have struggled for years with chronic illness and excessive weight have found a healthy liver to be the missing ingredient in their pursuit of good health. Liver Cleanse Programs have helped them achieve better health.

Medical doctors are now beginning to recognize that it is possible to help a broad spectrum of problems by following a nutritional program specifically designed to improve liver function.

Read more about the regular use of a Detox Foot Patch can assist your liver in expelling toxins from your body in a natural and gentle manner.

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