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Over the past 5 years I have become keenly interested in health articles and the "natural living" approach to health. Any information on the health benefits of various foods, herbs, supplements and therapies is gladly poured over to hopefully improve the health and well-being of my family.

By adding to my knowledge, I have effectively managed to minimise seasonal viral infections and their duration as well as stand us in good stead (I hope) to avoid premature aging and increase our viatlity. Below are a collection of health articles on the health benefits of many foods, herbs, vitamins, supplements, lifestyle choices and good habits. Many were researched and written by myself or they come from credible sources and authors.

Health Benefits of Beets

Amamzing Health Benefits of Beets including increased stamina, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and more. I discovered the amazing health benefits of beets while looking for foods to eat that support cleasing of the liver and gallbladder.

Grape Health Benefits

Many Grape Health Benefits are attributed to the flavinoids and antioxidants found in the seeds, skin, leaves and vine. The health benefits of grapes are well worth getting to know. The humble grape remains a popular food, medicine and drink the world over.

Health Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Do the Health Benefits of Grape Seed Oil make it worth changing your cooking oil? From lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation to improving flexibility in joints - grape seed oil is certainly worth reading about. It also makes a superb massage oil - Grapeseed Massage Oil.

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Experience the miracle health benefits of Cayenne Pepper and learn how carrying this herb around could save a life. I had read that it was a useful home remedy for constipation but while I researched this humble spice I uncovered what appears to be a miracle cure-all.

Evening Primrose Oil For Hair Loss

Evening primrose oil is highly recommended for keeping healthy hair and helping to slow down hair loss. This article explains how Evening Primrose Oil for hair loss works. Evening Primrose Oil can also be helpful for acne.

Experience the Benefits of Celery

Experience the natural healthy benefits of celery and medicinal properties for helping many ailments including high blood pressure, cancer and inflammation.

Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

The Kiwi Fruit is rich in vitamins C, E and A. It contains dietary fibre, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and copper. It has a remarkable ability to remove excess sodium from the body.

Seaweed Healthy Benefits

Little known Seaweed Health Benefits - this pharmaceutical miracle is the most nutritious vegetable on earth. A complete and natural wholefood with many healthy benefits. Packed with minerals and trace minerals, these sea veggies have access to all 92 minerals that sea water naturally contains.

Home Remedy For Strep Throat

Try a Home Remedy For Strep Throat before rushing off to the doctor. The trick is to start treating it aggressively as soon as it starts. Of course if your symptoms persist then do see your prefered health practitioner before it gets any worse or you pass it on to others.

Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Plan to Stop Smoking in your future. The benefits of health if you can quit smoking far outweigh the withdrawal symptoms.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea Health Benefits are a longer and healthier life, according to many health experts. Find out more about Green Tea and what the Chinese have known for at least the last 4000 years.

Swine Flu Protection

This article on Swine Flu and what you can do to ensure you have a strong immune system is very helpful for keeping your body in top form and getting you through the flu season with as few infections as possible.

Health Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

What about Acai Berry Juice? Is it worth the health media hype? Also find a second article on Acai Berry Juice here.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Discover Aloe Vera Juice Benefits that you need to know. Improve your health inside and out with Aloe Vera Juice.

Facts about Blueberries

Get the Facts About Blueberries and Blueberry Health Benefits - this superfood can help preserve vision, neutralizes free radicals and improve brain health.

Health Benefits Of Wine - Red Wine

Is red wine healthy? This article looks at the listed health benfits of wine while keeping in mind the potential toxins of alcohol.

Banana Nutrition Facts

Loads of health benefits packed into a yellow jacket. Find out about the benefits of eating bananas.

How To increase Serotonin Levels Naturally

Serotonin is known as the “happy hormone”. How to increase serotonin levels is extremely useful information. This article gives great tips on how to raise serotonin levels naturally through diet and supplements.

Health Eating On A Budget

Eating healthy on a budget is possible but requires a little creativity, planning and work. The tips in this article are simple to implement and should help you to get started with healthier meal planning.

Vacation Dieting Tips

Taking a diet detour is easy to do. Vacation dieting tips will help you to stay on track while you’re away from home.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

You’ll find the health benefits of yoga really amazing and hard to fault on why it could be the exercise you are looking for to tone up, shape up and relieve stress.

Take the information from these health articles and start making small changes to your life. You'll see and feel the difference.

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