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Detox For Life is a combined research effort by a number of passionate health professionals, researchers and writers.

Katherine East is the website owner, chief writer and editor. Katherine is a free-lance writer for various on-line health publications. Currently studying nutritional therapy, she has a keen interest in researching subject matter related to supplementation, health, wellness and natural living.

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Hi my name is Katherine and I’m so pleased you visited Detox For life. I have always had an interest in nutrition, exercise and supplements but it took a health scare to really fuel the flame of pursuing a more natural way of living.

Just after my baby girl was born I discovered through much pain that my gallbladder was full of stones and infected too. I had to have it removed in emergency surgery and was deeply disappointed to have lost an organ.

Although it was too late for me, I went on to research gallbladder disease and the important function of our liver and digestive system. This opened up a whole world to me of nutritional therapy, supplements, natural medicines, herbal remedies, detoxification, cleansing, detox diets, and so much more that I felt compelled to share. So it was that this website, Detox-For-Life.Com was born.

Coach Zeke - A South African state basketball player and coach. Zeke has a keen interest in sports nutrition, fitness, natural endurance enhancing supplements and anti-aging. His passion for inspiring and coaching young adults to maximise their potential lead to his article contributions on drug detox, nicotine detox and stopping smoking. These have been written from a professional and personal point of view to provide tools to those wanting to improve their quality of health by stopping substance abuse.

Laura Ginn - Professional writer and trained PADI Dive Master. Laura performs the vital function of researching and writing many of the health articles on Detox For Life.

At Detox For Life we are passionate in our belief that a more natural way of living can improve the quality of life. By keeping the body as toxin free as possible and supplying nutrient rich foods to the cells, the chance of disease can be minimized and the body healing itself maximized.

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Providing information on a website involves monthly costs. The articles and information are free for you to read and gather information. In order for us to provide this service we subsidize the website by having advertising and recommending products. If you purchase an item from another website via a link from Detox For Life we receive a small commission (in most cases). You do not pay more for buying through our links. This helps us to maintain the website, do further research and put food on the table.

Your purchases and support are appreciated!

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