green tea weight loss

Green Tea Weight Loss

Can Green Tea Help Weight Loss?

You may have heard about Green Tea Weight Loss claims:

Are you ready to learn about the most amazing beverage since water (and coffee, of course)? Get ready to brew up some laughs and discover the weight loss wonders of green tea!

"Losing weight with Green Tea is easier."

Many of the top weight loss products now list Green tea as an active ingredient. Research has shown that Green Tea is a Fat Burner so weight loss is faster. So, if you are looking for some help to lose weight then investigating the ”green tea weight loss” claims may be of benefit to you.

About 1300 years ago a Chinese medical classic stated that “Drinking green tea for a long time makes one thin,” Today that statement is being proven true. But how does this all work?

Losing Weight With Green Tea - It Helps Burn Fat

The Green Tea Weight Loss claim is backed by the fact that it speeds up the metabolism and has thermogenic properties (your body burns more energy) that enable it to assist with the burning of fat. This is done by the polyphenols that green tea contains and is essential to losing weight.

Green tea contains a group of compounds known as catechins, which are known to boost metabolism and promote fat oxidation. In fact, some studies have shown that green tea extract can increase fat burning by up to 17%. This makes green tea an excellent choice for anyone looking to boost their weight loss efforts.

Green tea contains a group of compounds known as catechins, which are known to boost metabolism and promote fat oxidation. In fact, some studies have shown that green tea extract can increase fat burning by up to 17%. This makes green tea an great option for someone wanting to help their weight loss efforts.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition "Consumption of green tea produced thermogenesis and increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se" in humans.

Another study showed that Green tea has some weight loss benefits in the fact that it can prevent fat from being stored, can increase protein levels, and promote thermogenesis by triggering beta-adrenoceptor to action.

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Green Tea Helps to Regulate Glucose Levels

When your glucose levels spike low you are prone to hunger cravings that try to stabilize the blood sugar levels but Green Tea does this without the associated effects of hunger cravings and eating too much. It slows the action of amylase causing it to take longer to break down carbohydrates and so results in a more stable release of glucose. This is useful for diabetes sufferers although the caffeine content of Green Tea should be taken into consideration by diabetics.

Green Tea Contains Caffeine

People have mixed reactions to caffeine, but the fact is that in small amounts caffeine is actually beneficial and it has been shown to slightly increase the metabolism and so help burn fat. Green Tea is ideal in that it contains enough caffeine to assist with fat burning and metabolism but much less than coffee.

Green Tea Weight Loss - A Balanced Weight Loss Program

Although Green Tea Weight Loss works, you can really maximize its success by using it in conjunction with a balanced weight loss program that includes exercise and a good diet as well.

Green tea taken over a long period of time is also more effective in lowering your weight and keeping it down than simply going on a crash diet. Studies have also shown that the longer you drink Green Tea, the more fat you are likely to burn.

Green Tea in your diet will help to increase your metabolism and endurance and combining this with exercise has a powerful effect.

Here are some great diet tips to help you stay on track when trying to lose weight.

How Can Green Tea be Included in Your Diet or Lifestyle to Improve Weight Loss

One of the easiest ways to include Green Tea in your diet is simply to drink a few cups every day. Another way that Green Tea is included in your diet and lifestyle is by using supplements. Many natural diet pills contain green tea as one of the active ingredients and you can also choose to include these in your diet if you prefer.

Other Green Tea Health Benefits

Another advantage is that the phenols involved in green tea also show a number of other benefits for those who have suffered from obesity and need to lose weight. This includes a reduction in bad cholesterol levels, better type 2 diabetes control, and it can also be beneficial for heart or cardiovascular disease that is a common risk of obesity.

Who Should Not Drink Green Tea

For most people green tea is a definite option to help lose weight naturally and keep it off. But with all true weight loss programs, you’ll have the best results if the tea or supplements are included with a healthy diet and exercise.

If you suffer from kidney disorders, stomach ulcers, psychological problems or heart disease you should speak to your medical practitioner before using green tea in your weight loss program. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then a healthy lifestyle should be your long-term goal, not weight loss.

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