Yeast Infections In Women

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Let’s discuss yeast infections in women. In your life, there are certain things that happen that really rank right right up there with things that test and irritate you more than anything else. Experiencing a yeast infection is one of them!

As a woman, with so many things that are happening in your life, not just externally but internally, experiencing the symptoms of a yeast infection may just feel like a cherry on top when you’re having a bad day. Not only is it uncomfortable for you, but you also may have to deal with a potential embarrassment which may occur with your partner.

There is one thing to remember though, You are not alone! Yeast infections in women are common. Studies have shown that three in four woman will experience a yeast infection sometime in their life. It is not as catastrophic as you might think.

You probably found this page because you suspect that you may have a yeast infection. I’m no expert in the field but I’ll give you a few, short pointers that helped me in my search for information on yeast infections and helped me feel better. They say knowledge is power and the more knowledge that you have about a yeast infection, the better chance you have at curing a yeast infection. Ignoring a mild yeast infection could cause it to turn into something more severe.

Yeast Infections In Women - Symptoms

We normally associate yeast infections with external symptoms. In other words, you have some white coating on your tongue, perhaps itching or burning in your vaginal area that just is downright uncomfortable, you’re feeling a little lightheaded, drowsy or foggy-brained. Fortunately, more often than not if you are experiencing the following symptoms, treatment and cure is fairly simple.

There are a couple yeast infection symptoms that you could look out for:

  • Your tongue has a white furry coating on it. This normally goes under the name of oral thrush or thrush or oral yeast infection. Sometimes this can be quite a painful condition, we’re swallowing is quite difficult as the oesophagus is inflamed or has a rash.

  • Itching in the vaginal area or vulva: this is by far the most common symptom if you have a vaginal yeast infection. As the skin is very sensitive and tender, sensations of burning, soreness and pain during intercourse could be experienced. Certainly not the best conditions to have If your partner has a high sex drive! In fact yeast infections outrank menstruation (21%) and vaginal dryness (20%) as the greatest physical deterrent to engaging in sexual activity.

  • Closely related to that would be a white vaginal discharge which is initially odourless and has the texture of cottage cheese. It’s not that the discharge is actually abnormal, but because of the infection, the glands in the vagina are working overtime to keep the body in balance causing the discharge that you may be experiencing.

  • You may also experience that you are lightheaded and drowsy. This is a common and most annoying symptom of yeast infections in women. While it may go under more scientific names I use the term FBS to describe this candida infection symptom. FBS basically stands for Foggy Brain Syndrome. The conditions are very similar to that of having PMS. As the infection is now in bloodstream it travels around the body in the same way that hormones do when they go to certain receptors in the body.

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I hope that you find this information helpful, if you’re wanting more information about Candida please go to our Candida info page and look at the articles that we have there.

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