Coffee Enema Smoking Detox

by Logan Shephard
(Redmond, OR)

Ok, I know by the name of this story some of you might be thinking, a coffee enema! And with the I say yes indeed!

The idea of this detox was made popular by Dr Max Gerson around 1930. With his studies on cancer research and cancer treatment, he learned that coffee, placed in the rectum, was an outstanding method of riding the body of toxins.

I smoked for 32 years and knew this was going to be the hardest thing I have ever done. However, this process done daily for two weeks really gave me energy AND led to no harsh side affects as my blood and body was quickly purged of the nicotine toxin that causes the harsh side effects of quitting. Drinking fruit juices also helped with the side effects, but this is for another paper as your body needs more sugar for the transition process away from the nicotine.

As many of you might know, coffee is a diuretic. By using it as an enema, it forces the kidneys and liver to purge what is in there and therefore, clean out the "filter". Think of your kidneys and liver as a filter on your car. The kidneys would be your air filter, and your liver the Oil filter. Just as your car will become more sluggish and slow if the filters aren't changed, the same is true with your body. A diuretic like coffee is the perfect solution for "changing the filters" of you body with immediate results. Not only is it good for purging the kidneys and liver, but also cleaning out years of food (cheese and meat bi products) that gets stuck on the walls of your intestine. I lost 15 lbs in a month and now have a slimmer mid section due to three times a week cleansing detox.

When a coffee enema is used, the caffeine from the coffee is absorbed into this system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong de-toxicant. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination. This seems to free up the liver to process more incoming toxic materials that have accumulated in the organs, tissues and bloodstream. The coffee does not go into the systemic circulation, unless the enema procedure is done improperly.

First off, you have to get out of your mind that doing an enema is in any way strange or weird. I'm a Macho guy and the thought of
me sticking something up my backside really had me thinking twice, until I experienced the after effects of the procedure. You don't have to tell anyone you did it, so just do it. Go to Walgreens and get an enema bag. If you are embarrassed as I was, buy it online.

I would advice you use specific coffee used just for enemas. You need the correct high content of caffeine to properly purge the kidneys and liver. It also cannot have any additives in it and be 100% organic. Do not conduct procedure at night as you will not sleep....remember this is coffee after all and you will get a buzz of energy after the procedure and feel GREAT!

Second off, grind the coffee and place 2 to 3 tablespoons of coffee in one quart of well, or distilled water. If chlorinated, allow to boil for two minutes. Bring to a boil for 5 min and allow to cool to room temp or comfortable to the touch. Filter out coffee from water.

First place 2 cups of warm to touch distilled water into enema bag for the first step of cleaning out the rectum. Laying on your back or preferably on your right side and insert tube into rectum about 2 inches. Following the directions on the package, allow to flow into the rectum slowly until 2 cups has been absorbed. Place plenty of old towels under your bottom as you will certainly spill some. I preform the procedure in the bathtub for this reason. Allow to sit inside for 3 min then sit on toilet and release.

Now that you have been cleaned out, place the coffee mix into the enema bag and once again hang it up. Try to keep it inside as along as you can with a goal of 13 min. Sit on toilet to expel the coffee an bile and repeat using the other 2 remaining cups of coffee solution. If you do not hear your kidney or liver "growl and squirt" under your ribs as you lay on your side as it shoots into the small intestine, then increase the coffee by one tablespoon.

This is the goal of the procedure as you want to purge your liver and kidney it to make room for your body to filter the blood and urine of that horrible nicotine toxin that you have been addicted to for all of these years.

Once experienced, you will want to perform this procedure once a month to maintain a well purified system.

Good Luck!

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Apr 06, 2015
Benefits of Coffee Enemas
by: Katherine

Coffee enemas are said to have provided great detox benefits for many people who believe in them. They are extremely controversial with both sides offering very good arguments for their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. As with all holistic or alternative treatments, please do proper research with a qualified health practitioner and understand the risks involved in the procedure. Read more about colonic irrigation here.

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