cold turkey the best!!!

by zacko
(sac ca usa)

Hi , I am a 43 year-old female. I have smoked for 26 yrs. During the 1st 36 hours of "cold turkey" I was experiencing mild hallucinations, felt down right strange and disconnected. Colors seemed very bright and I felt like time was distorted. The next 48 hours,(sorry this is TMI )my sex drive increased to uncomfortable proportions!! Also my sleep was very restless,I continued in my inability to focus and my thought process seemed disorganized. My nose also ran like a freight train!! (I work with opiate addicts and this happens to them as well). Right now, I have 66 hours nicotine-free, cravings have drastically decreased, thought process is much clearer, sex drive leveled out, but good. Energy much better than pre-quitting. I feel great!! If you are thinking of cold turkey do it!! I have tried everything else, several times over. This is quite tough initially, but by third day the 'strangeness' starts to radically clear away.

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