Day 3

I quit for 10 months, 14 years ago. Cold turkey is the only way quitting works. There is no easy let down off nicotine. I am quitting again and on day 3. My sleep has been restless, minor halucinations in my periphreal vision. I got a really bad cold the other day and just decided to stay in bed and not smoke the first day. That was sunday. Monday I had to work, but I was alone so the cravings were manageable. Today I had the day off. Have been eating all day. I can actually feel the satisfaction of that "control" I am trying to take back again and it makes me smile...a little. I encourage cold turkey, forget the aids. Nicotine is a trap...3 days is all it takes to give yourself a chance to fight back against the addiction to smoking. Good luck

Editor's Note: I love your comment about the satisfaction of control. Hope you are still doing well.

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