do detox foot pads work

Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

Why Detox Foot Patches should not be written off as a scam.

I get asked this question quite often : Do Detox Foot Pads Work? It's commonly asked on health forums too and the debate rages.

I have done some research into the Detox Foot Patch and Ionic Detox Foot Bath - they basically make similar body detox claims. I found that like many of the alternative health / natural medicine options, results vary from person to person.

Some people have amazing results (could be the placebo effect though) and others claim the patches / ionic bath did nothing but extract the money from their wallet. It appears though that often with natural remedies, it depends on the individual. Things like Apple Cider Vinegar as a cure for weight loss or acne, Cayenne Pepper for heart attacks, hypnotherapy for the breaking bad habits are always going to draw a bit of controversy.

Do Detox Foot Pads Work - The Naysayers

What I have noticed is a trend in people claiming foot detox patches do not work based on logic, common sense, their interpretaion of scientific facts, etc. However, none of them say that they have tried detox foot patches and gotten negative results. The people that have tried them have mostly indicated some sort of positive outcome. It's easy for some people to denounce an alternative treatment if they haven't tried them.

Detox Foot Pad Companies Misguide Customers

I agree that many of the sales companies make false claims about water in the ionic bath or patches turning brown due to toxins being released. This is clearly the effect of the sweat mixing with the herbs and vinegar in the patches or the electrodes reacting in the water of the ionic foot bath.

The other thing is that after years of bad diet, and exposure to toxins, can companies selling these things really think that by using their product people are suddenly going to be completely cured of their toxic overload? That's just absurd. A healthy diet, exercise and drinking purified water will be a whole lot more effective in the long term to detoxing and cleansing a body.

I do think that detox patches or ionic foot baths can help as part of a larger body detox program, provided that the company selling the detox foot patches is reputable and that the individual understands that a cleansing program needs to be in conjunction with a change in lifestyle and eating habits.

Do Detox Foot Pads Work - My Conclusions

Nicotine patches and hormone patches work through the skin so I do believe that the ingredients in the foot patches can help draw out toxins but as I said above it needs to be in conjunction with a greater understanding of the detox process and for best results within a overall detox plan and lifestyle change.

Ionic Detox Foot bath

Benefits of the Detox Foot Patch

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