Getting back to who I really am - nicotine free.

by Dante LaRue Caldwell
(whitefish, mt)

I am currently in the process of beginning my detox from nicotine. I am a former tobacco chewer and smoker. I have been doing tobacco for about three years. As a kid my parents always smoked around me and it never seemed to tempt me. You see I have been an athlete all of my life. And for some reason I took to excersize and bodybuilding because I liked the way it felt. The rush I got from pushing my body to its limits always kept me away from tobacco. But when I started to drink more, that's when everything changed. I have tried since then to quit. Switching from various tobacco products to try and wein myself off of the stuff. But it's become a circle of hell that never stops. I don't like the me I am today because of how much different my life is because of smoking. The way its changed who I am and what I stand for. It's harder for me working 50 hrs a week to even get myself in the gym because of tobacco. I don't wanna keep worrying about cancer or other things that can go terribly wrong from tobacco side effects. But I have a girlfriend who loves me and something to live for, and I don't wanna cut my time short in this world because I let tobacco beat me. So here's to a new lifes journey and way of living.

Editor's Note: I commend you Dante on your decision to embark on a nicotine detox and wish you all the best. Not an easy road but certainly achievable and well worth the effort for your long-term health.

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Dec 23, 2010
I can relate
by: Anonymous

It's nice to hear someone share something that they are personally struggling with in their life and how they are overcoming that struggle. Thank you for sharing a relative issue that most can understand.

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