Less of a chance gaining weight..

by Andrea Z
(Akron, OH)

As we attempt to kick the nasty habit of smoking, we're constantly reminded of the many daily activities that involve the act of feeding our addiction. Researchers warn smokers who want to quit of the scarey weight gain we may encounter. Before I became educated about the relationship, I stated; "I'd rather smoke than be fat." However, the real reason smokers going through detox/withdraw symptoms gain weight because they're substituting one habit for another. I wouldn't be suprised if most smokers agree that eating food in place of a cigarette DOES NOT eliminate nicotine craving; a true smoker realizes there's nothing that can substitude their precious smoke. Luckily, I've found something that works for me and may work for one of you. Firstly, a typical, repetitious piece of advice; you MUST be ready to quit. Secondly, make a conscious effort to stay away from additional snacking. Ask youself; am I honestly hungry or just bored? Thirdly, the most important piece of advice that worked for me was when dealing with a craving (and since we've quit smoking hence, our lung capacity is stronger), work out has hard as you can!!; run/walk until the craving subsides (cravings last 3-5 minutes), punch a punching bag, do sit ups, crunches, or just stretch, color in a coloring book, crochet; keep your hands and mind occupied. Remember, the annoying feeling only lasts 3-5 minutes. I also have a huge habit of smoking in my car; it's the only place I feel free to smoke. The first ride after quitting is the most challenging. I, first, gave my car a total makeover (detailing), then exchanged one habit for another; instead of smoking, everytime I felt frustrated/anxious, I drink out of a squeeze/squirt bottle filled with water so not only drinking desired water intake, I'm also satisfying the oral fixation. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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