Life Detox

by Metalsapo

All started a year ago, I quit drugs, marijuana, MDMA, LSD and alcohol.

It was hard, really hard and understanding why I did it, when and with who?

Rehab was needed, support groups still needed, and a change of direction
of all my life aspects were needed.
All started to go better and better, all areas became beautiful, and fulfillment with spirituality is the key to it all.

But still, quitting tobacco is the hardest of all drugs. It is the worst. I started 11 days ago, because it was killing me during running and jogging periods, and it is not good for me to have a spiritual life with exercise and still smoking 10 cigs a day.

During some periods of time I smoked 30 cigs a day, and during drug detox, I smoked 20.
I love change, a good shift in my life.
Life without drugs is interesting, is different every day, dynamic.

I'm an Addict, to every thing. If I can stop smoking and taking drugs, for today, just for one more day, and that is now, the present, today, anyone can!

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