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Natural Detox

Kick Start Your Health With A Natural Detox

Using natural detox herbs and plants to cleasne the body from within has been practiced for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt it was recognised that the use of herbs and plants for the cleansing of the system was vital for good health.

Ancient Natural Detox

Physicians of these ancient countries also considered internal detox and cleansing an important aspect of healing. The advent of modern medicine saw a decline in the use of natural remedy treatments.

Now there is a renewed interest in all types of medicine including the benefits of internal cleansing by natural detox.

Following a natural detox for internal cleansing has improved some people's health and well-being dramatically. Nature provides nuch help with a vast array of herbs, plant extracts and foods that naturally support and enhance the detoxifying process while helping the digestive system.

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Fruit Detox

Fruits deserve to be mentioned first. They have fruit acids which have a natural cleansing effect. Tartaric acid, found in grapes and pineapples inhibits the growth of harmful moulds and bacteria.

Malic acid is a natural antiseptic and can be found in apples, apricots, lemons, peaches, prunes and plums. It does a wonderful job of cleansing the liver, kidneys, intestines and stomach.

Lemons are especially cleansing (hence the Lemonade Cleanse Diet) because they contain large quantities of citric acid which is a powerful cleanser. Apples contain large amounts of pectin which absorb toxins in the digestive tract.

Herbs For Detox

Many herbs such as coriander, rosemary, Milk Thistle, golden seal, dandelion leaf, burdock, ribwort, nettle and yellow dock root have a powerful cleansing effect.

Herbs known as 'bitters' that have a bitter taste help improve the function of the liver. They also stimulate enzyme production in the stomach and help with detoxifying the body.

While a change in diet to cleanse and detoxify the body will help on the path to better health, some peoplehave greater and faster results by using specific supplements, tonics and elixirs that contain a mixtureof cleansing herbs and fruit extracts. Herbal Fiber Blend is and excellent cleansing product.

There are also some 'superfoods' that are well known for theircleansing effects. These include psyllium seed husks, spirulina and barleygrass juice.

Natural detox is not about starving yourself but rather establishing a diet that's healthy and as natural as possible.

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