by Nancy
(Las Vegas, NV)

I've been a smoker for the past 12 years and i quit smoking a week a go and i'm so happy and glad that i did it
i've been drinking lots of liquid like orange juic , green tea , water , ginger and lemon tea
to get rid of nicotin in my blood
i practice breathing deeply a few times a day to get more oxygen
i take multivitamins everyday and i exercise to sweat
lots of fruit and vegetable , i eat more chicken than beef or red meat
if i crave for nicotine i immediatly jump in a shower and sing a song and a glass of water
i told my family and friends and i asked them to support me while i'm going true quit smoking and detoxing my body from all those poisen from smoking
i feel so much happier and healthier and i will never go back to smoking any more , the past 12 years was a big mistake and i'm so glad that i'm stoping it before it's too late
i am nicotine free
i am in control
i love life
my clothes don't stink of cigarette smell
my hair smells good , smells fresh , no more smell of stinky cigarete
my skin is glowing and i can feel my overall health is getting bettter and better
thank you for letting me write what i want to tell the whole world , cigarette smoking is not just bad for you , it will kill you , if i knew what i know now , i would never start smoking 12 years ago

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