Nicotine that b#%^h

by Paul
(NY to SC)

I just quit nicotine again & for good. I'm not gonna lie to you. Withdrawal is the worste, but you suck it up for a couple days, try not to literally rip someones head off & you're good to go.

I smoked cigarettes & cigars & dipped some time all simultaniously for almost 20 years. Nicotine is a drug. It is hard to kick the habit but very worth it. Living is worth it.
For those of you reading this I would like to say to you please take a moment to think about what it is your doing or about to do by quitting. Prepaid yourself mentally. Now realize by quitting & coping with the addiction now you most likely won't have to go through detox while treating cancer.
Live life free of nicotine, you deserve it!
Tobacco is a damn plant don't let it rule you!

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