Smoke Deter Works!

by Barbara
(Chicago, IL)

This is my second day without a cigarette. I have the same story as everyone else -- escalating smoking; years of smoking -- and now the extreme expense of smoking. Do yourself a favor -- look up "Smoke Deter" on the web -- the liquid form you spray under your tongue. You will be amazed at the results.

Good luck to all of you!

Editor's note: Thanks for your review of the product Smoke Deter. For those who don't know what it is. This is a blend of natural ingredients formulated into an easy to use spray. It's supposed to help with the withdrawal symptoms that come with stopping smoking.

Being a natural product, you shouldn't experience some of the side effects that prescription medications for stopping smoking can cause. Quitting smoking requires self-control and also motivation. Smoking is a tough habit to break especially from a psychological point of view.

Smoke Deter Spray has some good reviews. You can see their website here Smoke Deter

Good luck Barbara with your quitting smoking!

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Oct 16, 2011
Also Trying Smoke Deter
by: Claire Watson

Hi Barbara

I was just wondering how the Smoke Deter was working for you? I've been trying it for the last week and seem to be ok with the cravings. I just feel slightly grumpy. I've tried to give up smoking 3 times before but never lasted due to stressful things that came up at the same time in my life.

I love that the herbal type remedies have no side effects and that you don't become reliant on them. Here's to fourth time lucky with Smoke Deter!

Aug 14, 2011
Congrats Barbara
by: Lisa

Yes, good luck Barbara. Each day that goes by you will be reaping the benefits. Also great to hear of a product that helps smokers quit.

To encourage you, my husband quit smoking last November after several attempts throughout the years. It's really gone very well for him and it's been long enough to say that I think this will be long-term.

Again, good luck and stay positive; assume you can do this and you will!

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