Sometimes it just happens

by Brian
(Harrisburg, PA, USA)

I started smoking in 8th grade. I was 13 and smoking on average 2-3 a day at most. I also had depression and was on welbutrin which by 17 years of age I was up to 100mg a day and about 15-20 cigarettes a day. I also drank tons of energy drinks which as I got older was realized I was drinking expensive coffee and vitamins. When I was 18 I discontinued my use of welbutrin and all other forms of medication as I was no longer depressed, something just clicked one day and I got better, months after treatment and me being prescribed and medication filled with me not taking the meds.

I continued to smoke however, had quit another form of smoking I'm sure many will know when I say "The other smoking". I continued a pack a day. I tried everything from Nicotine patch to gum to lozenge.

Years passed and I am now 28 and married for 4 years no children. My wife tried everything under the sun except Chantix as I refuse to take pharmecutical medications anymore except perhaps the medication for my hand tremors. I did however at least switch over to the electronic cig. No Tobacco, No Tar, No 2,997+ chemicals. Better than the traditional I say.

I went from 18mg to 11mg after a month on accident. I had purchased a refill of lesser mg without knowing it, convenience store clerks aren't knowledgable on their products and why should they be its only their job. After all I had an expensive brand that exploded on me, thankfully it had got hot and I tossed it before it blew. I told this to the clerk and asked about implications and if anyone had the problem..."I had a chilli dog explode in my mouth yesterday"....*cough, walks out*

About 36 hours ago I stopped smoking the new e-cig. I went to bed one night and awoke. I don't know
if it pertains to this but the night before I ran about a mile and half and afterwards I was light headed, nauseated, and elevated heart/pulse for more than half an hour afterward. I read up on nicotine, not smoking and went to bed.

I am very happy to say I am half way through the physical detox. I read it can take another 2 weeks for the psychological side effects which is out right wrong. It will take up to a year or more. However it holds some value as the worst is 10-14 days and the remaining side effects for up to a year are the fidgeting of the hands like you should have a cigarette there and puffing on it with your lips. Easy overcome by fat free sugar free licorice, bubblegum, or a small rubbing stone or you can get a small piece of drift wood. Heck use a quarter if you have to, a pencil, a pen.

Sometimes my e-cig battery would die and need charged and I wouldn't have the charger or be somewhere I couldn't charge it. People would offer me a real cigarette and my reply was always. "I would rather rip out my lung than smoke another real cig again". Well I am now saying that in regards to any form of nicotine.

"I would rather rip out my lung than have nicotine again"

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing your story Brian. I hope you go from strength to strength in your quest to be nicotine free.

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that when activated heat a small amount of water which creates a vapour that contain nicotine and other ingredients. The liquids are available in a variety of flavours and nicotine concentrations as well as nicotine free. It's important to remember that while you may be avoiding those 4000 chemicals of a traditional cigarette, you are still inhaling nicotine in the vapour.

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