The Only Reason To Smoke

by Jerrod

The reason I smoke is to FEEL NORMAL when the addiction causes withdrawl. If you go three days the addiction goes away.

The tobaco causes the next urge to smoke and it pleasures a visciouse cycle too further cause the addiction to worsen for a normal feeling. The feeling of needing the nicotine is not that detramental however annoying and persistant, so I detoxed with a detox tea and continued the tea for better health in other areas as well.

Just don't make a big deal of the urge to receive the nicotine and in three days more or less the temptation is gone. It may stay but just remember the disected brain of a smoker has lines and viens riddled with tar and the brain does not receive oxygen in the way it should, causing mental and physical problems, such as the brain's inability to control certain factors for the body.

Health problems could be 5 times worse or more from smoking in my research and opinions

I am 30yrs old, I smoked since I was a juvenile and I have the lung capacity of an 80yr old man with asthma and chronically obstructed pulminary disorder.

Pray for me and I will pray for others.
It disabled me in many ways and people don't realy care when its
totally your own darn fault.

Do the research so you can see for yourself the addiction to a long drawn out overly dramatic, well... suicide. I might have to bury my dad because of the same issues and cigarettes cause all kinds of cancers all over the body systems.

Sorry if you are already dying because of the greedy tobacco industry. Maybe its population control of the weak willed people.

Nicotine Detox Editor's Reply

Well done on trying to give up smoking. It's a tough battle to fight. Rememebr to take a good quality vitamin C supplement to replenish your body.

There are natural products to help with various aspects of quitting smoking. Some help with the cravings and others with the withdrawal side effects. I have listed some of the more popular ones below.

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