types of acne

Types Of Acne

Identify the type of acne you have before you can effectively treat it.

There are so many acne treatments available simply because there are so many types of acne:

  • Adult Acne – as the name implies occurs in adults and is often caused by imbalances in hormones.

  • Acne Cosmetic and Acne Detergens – once again aptly named as these usually occur as a reaction to a cosmetic skin preparation or soap that has been applied to the skin.

  • Acne Conglobata – is thankfully uncommon but can cause serious scarring on the face and back and it is usually associated with hereditary factors.

  • Cystic Acne – affects deeper skin tissue and is often found in teenagers.

  • Acne Excoriee – is associated with a psychological condition that causes sufferers to constantly pick at the pimples and spots.

  • Acne Fulminans – is more commonly found in males. It is a severe form of acne accompanied by other symptoms that make it very debilitating and serious.

  • Acne Inversa – a distressing form of acne, occurring in adults and affecting intimate parts of the body.

  • Acne Keloidalis – occurs usually in those with darker skins and with stiffer hair type. It is an inflammation and scarring of the hair follicles.

  • Acne Mallorca – thought to be induced by a mixture of heat, sunlight and sun creams.

  • Acne Mechanica – caused by constant pressure of material against skin or chafing.

  • Acne Medicamentosa – caused as a side effect of taking other medications.

  • Acne Neonatorum – sometimes referred to as Milia and is a form of acne that affects infants.

  • Acne Pomade – is found in those who use heavy oil preparations on their hair. The oil blocks the pores and causes a form of acne.

  • Acne Rosacea – an adult form of acne that gives a distinctive red flush to the face

  • Acne Vulgaris – is what people usually refer to as simply acne. This is the version that afflicts teenagers world over.
It is important to play detective and identify the most likely cause of your acne, before attempting treatment, to ensure you are solving the right problem.

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