vacation diet tips

Vacation Dieting Tips

Stick To Your Diet While On Vacation

These vacation dieting tips will help you to stay on track while you’re away from home. No matter how well your diet has been going, it’s tempting to start cheating when you go on vacation.

Taking a diet detour is easy to do and you may find yourself grabbing ice cream or dessert a few more times than you had planned. Vacation healthy eating will probably be a bit of a battle, but the tips below will help you stick to your diet and still enjoy your vacation.

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Being Prepared For The Travelling Munchies

If you will be flying to your destination, sticking to your diet is easier than ever thanks to low fat and vegetarian options available on most airlines.

If you are driving, the task becomes a little bit more difficult as you find yourself driving past fast food outlets. Instead of depending on the greasy take-out you pass along the way, consider packing yourself some healthy snacks. Nutritious foods such as fruits and veggies, yogurt, healthy sandwiches, or low-fat crackers can be packed in coolers and eaten throughout the trip whenever you get hungry.

Vacation Dieting Tips - Things to Avoid

The best thing you can do to ensure vacation healthy eating is to turn down that mini bar key when your hotel concierge offers it. Many hotels offer a continental breakfast—if you decide to take them up on it try to stick to cereal, low-fat proteins and fruit. If you are staying in a suite with kitchen facilities, stock up on your own healthy snacks so you can make them when you want them.

Restaurants have a diet sabotaging practice of serving meals that are much too large. Here you have to make the word “moderation” your friend.

  • Choose the grilled rather than fried option.
  • Have your sauces on the side so you can limit your intake.
  • Ask for salad or vegetables instead of fries.
  • Minimise calories by having a glass of water with lemon instead of juice or soda. In fact carry around a bottle of water wherever you are to keep yourself hydrated and any cravings at bay.
  • Try eating half of your meal and boxing the other half for later. Not only do you keep your calories down, you also have a second meal for later.
  • If you must order dessert, then do so but share it. At least then you won’t feel too deprived.

Stay On Track With Your Fitness Watch

This is possibly one of THE most helpful "vacation dieting tips"....

Your fitness watch can be extremely helpful in keeping you on track with your diet while on holiday. With a fitness watch, you can track your calorie consumption and stay within your daily goals. It also allows you to monitor the types of food that you are eating, so you can make sure that you are consuming nutritious items. Your fitness watch will also help keep your activity level up while travelling, which can help boost metabolism and make it easier for you to stay within pre-determined dietary goals. A fitness watch is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to stay healthy during their vacation.

Keep Moving

Keep as active as possible during your vacation. If possible, take walks and if you feel really enthusiastic do some light exercise in your room. A skipping rope is light and small to pack and can be used in your room. Stomach crunches are also easy to fit in before having a shower. That will help to burn off any extra treats you sneak in.

Since the average person requires fuel at least every four hours, it is important that you do not skip meals. If it’s difficult to manage three square meals each day, try to fit in six small ones. Even if you are just eating healthy snacks, it will keep you energized and help you avoid overeating later.

Avoiding large meals late at night is another great rule for vacation dieting tip. Your body knows when it is time to sleep and it begins slowing down as well as burning calories at a significantly slower rate. If you are famished before bed, choose light foods like fish and vegetables and avoid breads and butters.

A Way of Life

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It may seem difficult when you first think about it, but vacation healthy eating is achievable with some planning and will-power. You can maintain your healthy lifestyle no matter where you go and you’ll feel so much better for it when you return home without extra pounds. Healthy eating is not a phase; it is a way of life. While one ice cream cone or slice of pizza will not destroy your diet, making a habit of it will sabotage your diet and your entire healthy lifestyle.

Take the information from these health articles and start making small changes to your life. You'll see and feel the difference as you change your diet to a healthy eating plan.

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