Watch out for stressful times & don't fool yourself!

by Tom

I had quit smoking for about 5 months flat-out, cold turkey, no patches, no gum, no nothing! Then I had a big move ahead of me (antipodean no-less) which provided a lot of stress. This, coupled with drinking at farewell parties, led me to caving in a couple of times. I started smoking again "socially" at parties etc. Just when the cravings were at their peak. I'd wake up stinking of smoke and ash. I was in such a funk about it that I tumbled into a regret spiral and started smoking "full time" again.

It wasn't until I was set up on the other side of the world again, back with old friends and family, that I realised what a fool I'd been. In fact, in a twisted sort of logic, I'd used the old "Caving in and having one cigarette is no reason to completely fold on quitting!" as a way of saying "Well it can't hurt to have just one".

I have since quit again and have even been through an even more stressful life-changing event, which I was more mentally well armed to deal with after my first experience.

The morals of the story are these:
There will be stressful times at which you will want to excuse having a cigarette. These are the MOST PIVOTAL points in your path to quitting. The more of these you get through without having a smoke, the stronger you will become.

If you do fold, don't get depressed about it - that will only lead down the wrong path. This can be more easily said than done, I know, but it's time to grit your teeth! Even more importantly, learn from the mistake. This will help you get out of a bad way, and help you prepare to jump the next time the same hurdle comes around.

Editor's Reply: That's an inspiring story there Tom. Thanks for your sharing your experiences with stressful situations and your victory in the end. Long may it continue!

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