What is Candida?

Cuplrit of the Common Yeast Infection

What is Candida and what is all the fuss being made over it? I will attempt to get down to the nuts and bolts of the matter by exploring the question what is Candida? With so much being made of this little organism I was simply amazed at the amount of information that was available.

So let's break this down into simple laymens terms. Candida is another name for yeast. So when you read about a yeast, as in infection, its actually one and the same thing. Candidiasis on the other hand is the scientific word for an infection. Maybe a Yeast infection is a bit easier on the tongue than Candidias.

Candida is a fungus that lives almost everywhere where is organic live tissue. For humans this includes your body and even surprisingly your dog.

Candida as a yeast organism, forms part of a group of similar creatures which includes funguses and moulds. Candida is a type of yeast that is generally found in the regular flora of the skin, intestinal track and the mouth, rectum, and vagina.

For many people when you mention Candida their first thought is to assocaite it with Candida Albicans which is the root cause of thrush and yeast infections. This strain of Candida is by far the most talked about, and annoying version of Candida.

Many species of this genus live inside the organism of animal hosts including humans. This concept is hard to swallow as this does conjure up pictures of a parasite that is just waiting to consume the host. This is far from the truth. Though some candidiasis sufferers do go through agony, only in extreme conditions does it cause life threatening problems.

There are, actually, over a hundred species of Candida yeast and of these, only a handful actually cause trouble for humans. The major Candida species include, Candida Albicans, Candida parapsilosis, Candida tropicalis, and Candida dubliniensis. Candida occurs naturally in the human body and in most cases is kept in balance by beneficial bacteria (or flora) in the digestive system.

Candida only becomes a problem when the whole body system gets out of balance. This is the bottom line. With many of the products that we have researched on this site, The issue of a bodies natural balance and the way we care for our body is probably more important than the illness itself.

An important caveate, we are not in anyway advocating that the taking antibiotics is a health issue. Far from it, however, taking antibiotics kills all microorganisms in the body. Good and Bad.

If you maintain a healthy diet the chances of an outbreak occuring are dramatically reduced. Candida is almost a natural watch dog for our health. It may be a bit controversial but, all darkness is, is the absence of light. Could it be that all Candidiasis is the absence of an unbalanced body.

It's not that you get Candida out of the blue, it's that your bodies normal regulators are not in place to deal with the candida growth already there. This occurs when either through the comsumption of antibiotics or unhealthy eating patterns, the immune system is compromised.

Too many soda's, not enough vegetables etc. The list is extensive in terms of things that add fuel to Candida's fire. Unfortunately, most of the average American or any Western diet is great fuel for any Candida outbreak.

Many practitioners of alternative medicine use the term Candida to refer to a condition with a broad spectrum of symptoms. This can be dangerous as the overlap of conditions from one disease to another may lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

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