Working on Day 3 without nicotine

by Tina

As Im writing this-I am 58 hours nicotine free. This is quite an accomplishment for me as I will turn 50 in two weeks and have smoked for 35 yrs. (yeah, sad to think about huh)
My reasons for quitting are much the same as others, but mainly because I'm tired of spending 1/4 of my paycheck on nicotine.
My last cigarette was on Wed night at 10 am. I had told my husband to take the remaining cigarettes and lighter with him the following morning and throw them out so there would be no temptation, however he forgot.
Of course being a smoker for so many years, I was glad to see that pack of Marlboro Lights waiting for me on Thursday morning. My routine for years had been wake up, make coffee, take a shower, get a cup of coffee and cigarette and being my day. Today would be new beginning.
Woke up, made my coffee, took a shower, got a cup of coffee but instead of sitting down to enjoy it, I went ahead and made the bed, threw some laundry in, anything to break that habit. When I left for work, I threw the half smoked pack of cig's in my middle console. (this way, I knew they were there if I really couldn't handle it).
I have made it through the Thursday and Friday work days even joining others during their smoke breaks. Now, I'm hoping to make it through the weekend.
On Friday evening, I made myself a drink and of course wanted a cigarette to go with that drink. I walked out to my car-opened the console, fully expecting to take just a "couple puffs". Much to my surprise, I looked at the pack, shut the console and went back in. A very big deal for me!!
I purposely left the half smoked pack in my car, in the hot August heat so that they would be stale in hopes that if I ever light one, it will taste so nasty that I'll never want another. I also decided that I would put the amount of money spent daily on cigarettes ($12 each day) in a clear jar, daily so I would have a visual reminder of why I will not smoke again. As of now, I have $36. in that jar. After a month free of nicotine, I plan to use that money to do something special for myself. (should roughly be about $351) yes, just in one month. I have also found that sucking on jaw breakers have helped me fight the cravings. I am constantly thinking of how much better the jaw breakers taste than the cigarettes. I have always enjoyed smoking and am quitting cold turkey so please wish me luck.
I might also add that because I'm trying to keep myself so busy, my house is almost spotless. I have washed walls, floors, every knick knack, etc, and my house no longer smells like smoke. Neither does my clothes, my skin, hair or breath.
I have found that when I am feeling anxious or have a head-ache, I'm breaking out the lavender oil and rubbing a small amount on my temples. Seems to help the head aches and the anxiety.
For me almost 3 days later-this has now become a mind over matter. I'm hoping that I have enough will power to remain nicotine free. Good luck to all of you!!

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