Yeast Infection In Men

A yeast infection in men is more common that you think. It's true that men do also suffer from yeast infections. It can be very embarrassing to suddenly find that you have this disease in your genital area.

The idea that something is not right, down south, is very distressing. The reality is however, that is both very common and happens to more men than we think.

It manifests in many forms. The most common areas of infection include the mouth and in the genital area.

How Does a Man Get a Yeast Infection?

This is a good question, as a yeast infection normally occurs in dark warm moist environments. A couple of reasons to consider:

  • If you are a heterosexual male, you may be picking up an infection from your partner. Check with your spouse or partner if they are suffering from a yeast infection. If they are not sure, check to see if they have any symptoms of thrush.
  • You may have diabetes. High levels of sugar in your urine will encourage bacterial growth.
  • Have you used antibiotics recently? Antibiotics as a general rule employ a scorched earth policy when it comes to killing infection. Antibiotics are a common cause of yeast infections as they kill off the 'good' flora that keeps your candida levels in check.
  • Are you uncircumcised? Debates aside over over the health benefits of circumcision. If you are uncircumcised, careful attention should be given to the penis area under the foreskin. It is a perfect area for an outbreak for a yeast infection.
  • You may just be run down. Stress, poor diet and just the general lack of health will put you in a position to get a yeast infection.
  • Are you an avid beer drinker? Alcohol is one of the major causes of yeast infection in men. The high amount of sugars in beer can cause a yeast infection.
  • If you know that you are HIV positive, the chances of you having symptoms of a yeast infection are considerably higher due to the nature of the virus. A yeast infection is normally a manifestation of an underlying problem.

Symptoms Of a Yeast Infection In Men?

The answer to that question may just cause you to think that every single disease known to man is caused by a yeast infection. Needless to say there are a couple of areas that you can pay attention to that I would more class major symptoms of yeast infection:

If you find that you have got some severely itchy, burning areas in your genital area this may be an infection or some STD. This may include redness on the tip of the penis taking the form of either dry or itchy skin.

You may start feeling bloated and having problems with digestion. This, tied together with the symptom above are indications that something is not right.

Another indicator is if your tongue develops a white furry layer. This can often be quite painful, causing bleeding and also making swallowing hard to do. This is referred to as oral thrush.

If you are concerned about a yeast infection go and see a health practitioner. A yeast infection in men is really not that pleasant so it's best to get a proper diagnosis.

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