ACV - It really works

by Lisa

I found out the usefulness of ACV online, and I decided to try it. I used about 2 tsp to a tall glass of water. I drank it once a week for 2 weeks. I did notice that I passed stool very easy, (I've suffered with acne since i was 11, I'm 28 now) then i noticed my face had a smoothness to it, that I experienced when I used Proactiv Solution, or when my hormones were in a good mood, I didnt think the ACV was the reason for my skin looking so good. A few folks even commented on my weight loss. I mean this thing has benefits that catches you unaware. Trust me, try it and you will see. Beware however of not brushing your teeth afterwards, I prefer brushing to rinsing.

Editor's Note: Your body must realy like the Apple Cider Vinegar to have the added benefit of weight loss - perhaps from the ACV helping with detox. So glad for you , I hope your skin gets better and better.

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