Apple Cider Vinegar Reaction - Red Face

by Lilly

It made my face red almost instantly and has shown no result so far.

Detox For Life Editor's reply: I'm really sorry about your skin going red after using the Apple Cider vinegar. I'm guessing that you probably used it without diluting it. You can read more here about skin sensitivity to Apple Cider Vinegar.

Unfortunately reactions can happen and as suggested by the ACV article, rinse you face thoroughly to get the apple cider vinegar off and either stop using it or dilute the ACV quite substantially next time you plan to apply it to your skin.

You could also try drinking it (diluted) as a tonic or taking the ACV tablets if you'd prefer to not put it on your skin again.

A wonderful product to use to to sooth inflammed acne and also reduce acne is Aloe Vera Gel. It has anti-bacterial properties as well as being very good for treating burns and infection.

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