by Stacy
(Fort Worth Texas)

My 15 year old son has battled pimples and some acne for 3 years on his face and back. We have tried every topical, soap, cream, perscription...nothing worked. I looked up apple cider vinegar and had him try it. 1 tsp with 1 cup of water mixed. He drinks it down with a straw. Once a day to start. I could tell a difference in 3 days! It's now been 10 days! Big difference! Finally!! The taste is bad.. We have a saltine cracker ready to eat after so there is no aftertaste!

It's worth it!! Just plug your nose and find a happy place! ;)

Editor's Note: It's such a relief to find something that works and especially when ACV is so readily available and reasonable priced. I'm so glad it has helped you.

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