i've suffered from acne sence i was in around 3rd or 4th grade...

by iloveneechee@yahoo.com

when i was in 3rd or 4th grade i had my first pimple, and since then it's only gotten worse :(

i've tryed everything, even proactive, but nothing seemed to work. i'm 18 now and still have got it... a couple of months ago i tried acutaine. It helped clear up my oily skin and helped reduce my breakouts. but i still get them, not as bad, but they still happen :/
my pores are soo clogged it feels like, every morning i look and wonder "how do i unclog them?". i sometimes think maybe my pores are stained with dirt, or are too clogged to ever be clean and clear again. about a month ago my friend told me her mom used just acv. she poured some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and put it on her face for ten minutes then washed it off, and within a week or two her face was completely clear, and she had it real bad i guess. but from reading this site and other sites, i wonder, is it better to distil it with water or not?? will it unclog my pores and make my nose look nice and clean and smooth?? and would it be better for me to sleep with the acv on? or should i wash it off after ten minutes..... please help!!! i cant stand blackheads and zits anymore!! D:

p.s i also get like swollen zits, although they can have puss in them, they generaly dont. but i also have scars :/ will this acv stuff help get rid of any of this??

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