my pimple burned by acv

by mae

i read all stories about apple cider.. so i buy one bottle.. i put apple cider at my pimple damp in a cloth before going to bed., after 2days i just so my pimple that it was burn.. and now i don't know what to can i surpass this.. it's like a scab now.. whhew ,. pls help me. i really dont know what to do. we have a class nxtweek.. how about my face. ... arghhh.. pls help...

Editor's note: Hi Mae, That must be very distressing for you to have your pimples have scabs and burn. Did you do a skin sensitivity test first as recommended by the article? That is important because it lets you see what your skin's reaction will be to the ACV befor eputting it all over your face.

In the meantime what you can do is try to get hold of some Aloe Vera gel and put this on your face as a moisturiser. Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties so it will calm and cool your irritated skin. It also has antibacterial properties so it does help reduce the pimple break-outs.

If you decide to try apple cider vinegar again, then rather drink it in a tonic form. You dilute it as per the recipe given (2 teaspoons mixed in a glass of water with honey to improve the taste) or dilute it before putting it on your pimples. 5 parts water to 1 part apple cider vinegar is a good mix to start with.

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