Oil and vinegar

by Phillis

I mix olive oil with vinegar 1/2 and 1/2 and use it as a moisturizer twice a day. When I use this, I have NO acne.

I also use it with bentonite clay, mixed until muddy. I put this on my face and neck. I tightened my pores and has actually reduced the pot hole scars that I have struggled with for years. The holes are much smaller and less noticable.

Using the vinegar, bentonite clay and olive oil has also lightened the acne scar redness. My skin has not looked this clear and smooth in over 20 years.

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing your results Phillis. That's a nice homemade facemask to mix the apple cider vinegar with bentonite clay. Pothole scars can be extremely bothersome for many acne sufferers. Even once the acne has cleared, they are left with a horrible reminder of the scars. I've known people to spend huge amounts of money on peels, dermabrasion and creams so it's nice to hear of someone who has had results with a natural product.

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