Reaction to Apple Cider Vinegar

by deb Alongi
(Franklin Park, illinois)

I had a strange reaction, and it probably was due to the procedure I used.

I had read an article where this person applied the vinegar on her rosacea by putting raw organic apple vinegar on a cotton ball and applying a bandage to keep the soaked cotton ball on her face overnight. She did this for a week and found good results.
I infact, did it one night and found my skin to be red and swollen and burned.
I hope it will go a way like a sunburn would.

Editor's note on Apple Cider Vinegar for Rosacea : I'm sorry you had such a painful reaction to the ACV. I have only known it to be helpful for rosacea by taking it as a drink or tablet. To help ease the redness and burning I would recommend you try some kind of soothing cream like Aloe Gel.

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