Trying ACV For My Acne

by Claire

My dad swears by apple cider vinegar for his arthritis so I have been taking it as a tonic for my skin the past 3 weeks. I'm not crazy about the taste and I add quite a bit of honey to make it better to drink.

My acne wasn't really bad so I can't say I noticed a big difference. But now I've started using the apple cider in my toner like your recipe with the green tea and the asprin.

That has definately made my skin smoother and softer. I will keep using it just because it feels so great. I'm not sure I'll keep up with drinking the tonic though.

Like I said my skin isn't too bad, just a few spots, mostly hormonal I suspect but hopefully the ACV will keep it clearer. Thanks for letting me share. Your site has some interesting articles.

Editor's Reply: Thanks Claire for sharing your Cider Vinegar expereince. I hope you continue to get good results with the toner recipe. Our Health Articles Collection has a wealth of information.

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Sep 01, 2010
Extremely Hopeful
by: Anonymous

I have been battling acne/discolored skin for the past 48 years and have tried everything under the sun at a cost I don't care to mention. Although my skin is very sensitive I am most definitely on a regimen with organic ACV as a toner and face-wash. I've only used it for two days and noticed the smoothness of my face and I my face is actually not as dull in color as it was two days ago. I know that it will be all too easy for me to over-do it with such sensitive skin, but heaven knows I will try anything natural at this point....I dream of going to my mailbox/answering the door without running for make-up or a mask. Love this site.

Editor's Note: I am glad to hear that you have had such promising results after only 2 days. Aloe Vera gel is another natural product that has shown to help with acne as well as calm a sensitive skin.

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