Use for a child

by Michelle
(Portville, NY)

We have started to use the ACV tonic and method for a toner for my husband who is suffering from what appears to be contact dermatitis on his face. We just started it last night so time will tell.

We have been reading the other info in regards to better health using ACV tonic for issues such as allergies and sinus infections. My questions is what ratio of ACV and hot water do we use for our ten year old son? He weighs 63 pounds so I wasn't sure if the ACV needed to be reduced for detoxifying the system. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

Editor's Note: Apple Cider is a great supplement to use as a tonic for assisting the body in attaining better health. Remember that each person will react differently and some users find no change to their conditions. I hope your husband's dermatitis is responding to the ACV tonic. I would also suggest applying Aloe Vera gel to help sooth the skin.

Allergies and recurring sinus infections can be extremely frustrating. Apple cider vinegar may help to boost your son's immune system when taken in tonic form. For your son I'd recommend a dosage of 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in a cup of water with some honey to make it more palatable. Start out by giving it to him once a day so he can get used to the taste and be sure look out for any sensitivity. If he responds well then then introduce a second glass of ACV tonic in the day.

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