Not Effective For My Acne

by James Simon
(Manila Philippines)

After reading this page and knowing the benefits of ACV it gave me the hope to clear out my acne and have smooth skin.

However, I"m disappointed because it did not do anything to my face, everything is the same. I'm still getting zits and also I thought this ACV will remove oiliness but it failed. I have mild acne and thought it would easily show improvements but this ACV did not work for me. I tried drinking the acv twice a day diluted in water and putting honey and green tea in the morning. Nothing works for both. It's now 2 weeks and nothing changed.

Like what they said here, it works to others but not all.

Editors note: It's so disappointing when something we had hope for doesn't work as expected. As you said, the ACV doesn't work for everyone. Acne has such a variety of causes, its impossible to have a cure-all product.

There are so many recommended acne remedies and products both natural and chemical on the market. From this website our recommendations are all natural and range from supplements that help the body heal internally as well as substances that help the actual acne sores heal topically.

Aloe Vera Gel is excellent as a moisturiser for acne skin.

There is a acne detox diet called Acne Free In 3 Days. It is basically an intense 3 day detox system for helping heal acne skin. It's not for everyone especially if you don't fancy the idea of a strict diet.

Bee Propolis is a fantastic healer for acne sores.

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